YouTube Music make a few improvements to the radio algorithm to show more artists. It also adds some new features such as Family OS and Wear OS Shuffle. The new features are a part of Google’s list of developments to YouTube Music in February and March. With the new changes, selecting a song from search results will only play that track.

YouTube Music also confines Family listening to a new family shelf and the Listen Again shelf on YouTube Music will stop showing duplicates. The YouTube Music Wear OS app also now lets you shuffle and play all your downloaded music. A recent report also indicates that YouTube is planning to improve the podcast ingestion onto its platform.

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According to the YouTube Music team, the “back-end logic that nominates the music that shows up” in Song Radio and playlist auto mixes has been updated to show more songs and artists. Since making the change to the radio algorithm, YouTube says that it is observing an increase in likes and song discovery from Song Radio and playlist auto mixes, with the team aiming to polish the algorithm further down the road.

YouTube Brings Improvements and new features to YouTube Music

The added improvements to YouTube Music are a part of Google’s list of developments to YouTube Music in February and March. The team at YouTube Music said that it has improved the “back-end logic that nominates the music that shows up” in Song Radio to “increase artist diversity in these playlists.” This means that selecting a song from search results will now only play that track instead of also generating a radio station. You still have the option to turn on Autoplay from the Up Next queue.

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In addition, YouTube also details how Android YouTube Music users would now be able to save a queue of songs to a new or existing playlist. This feature has been available to YouTube Music iOS users since January.

Other changes and improvements listed by YouTube include a new ‘Family Shelf’ with programmed playlists and a personalized Family Mix. If you usually listen to music that’s appropriate for the whole family, you’ll now be able to access a new ‘For the Family’ shelf with the Family mix as the first playlist available on your home feed.

Additionally, on Wear OS, YouTube Music now allows you to shuffle your downloaded music, unlike in the past when users were limited to ordered album play and could only shuffle playlists.

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