Tangible goods, including t-shirts, pens, and custom enamel pins are still good promotional merchandise for when you need to spread the word about your company, business, or brands.

Promo goods and freebies are superb marketing tools because of these 4 reasons.

They’re More Likely to be Reminded

Brand merchandise is unlike digital ads in that they’re more likely to stay and get displayed at a prominent place- whether in clothes, workspace, or the fridge. Simply passing by and seeing the merchandise at a glance is enough to be reminded of the brand.

They’re Kept for a Longer Time

Tangible merchandise sticks around and thus they’re more persistent than their digital merchandise counterparts. People loathe to get rid of something that’s useful, including custom enamel pins, coffee mugs, and paperweight, and this can lead to even greater brand exposure.

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Increase Brand Loyalty

People love getting freebies, and this gives you added benefits in the marketing department. A small brand logo embedded will produce a happy experience of getting free stuff.

The higher quality, the better. People tend to associate brands with the products they offer, including promotional merchandise. That said, you will want something that lasts long and gets high visibility, such as custom challenge coins.

GS-JJ offers a range of promotional merchandise so you can gain higher recognition for your brand. You can choose which is best to associate with your industry or niche.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Giving away promo merchandise stands as one of the most cost-effective ways to market your brand. When you take into consideration the permanence and the lasting impression these goods make you won’t hesitate to add them to your next marketing campaign.

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A key metric to a successful brand campaign is measuring impact. Seeing someone who has a mug, pen or t-shirt with your logo offers unlimited impact and exposure. Over time, more impressions are generated without you having to spend another cent.

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