If you are tired of complaining about the size of wheels in your e-bikes, we have exciting news for you. No longer you’ll have to face the problems of smaller wheels on your electric scooters.

The Scooterson Rolley is your one-stop choice for a fat tire electric scooter to enjoy a hassle-free ride with swag. It has undergone a lot of design revisions in the last few months.

The new model looks much more sophisticated, stylish, and durable. Though it still has a seated riding position and fat tyres, its design and look have undergone a complete transformation, making it your most prized possession.

The Scooterson Rolley has come up with a lot of new improvements in its frame, design, and materials used to stay as the customer’s number one choice.

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The vehicle currently comes with an aerospace-grade aluminium frame and specially-designed fat tyres for a comfy ride across the streets. It weighs less than the steel body and is corrosive resistant. Another great advantage of the vehicle is its ability to let you drive the e-bike even when the weather is harsh, stormy or snowy. 

The Scooterson Rolley is power-packed with a heavy-duty 750W with a speed of around 30-KMPH. This e-bike is perfect for your street tours across the US and Europe as well. However, its actual speed might vary from place to place due to the existing traffic rules, conditions of the streets, and weather. 

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The vehicle is well-equipped with a 600-Watt battery, which offers the battery backup of up to a 48-KM ride after full recharge. The e-bike also comes with a host of other essential features like anti-theft notification straight into your mobile in case the same gets stolen or someone tries to use your e-bike without your permission.

This premium gadget has a unique Face Id lock system, which prevents its unauthorised use and misuse by thieves or miscreants.

The price of the Scooterson Rolley is slightly up and around $2990 with multiple features and app-based utilities.

If you compare its price to that of other e-bikes available in the market, it’s slightly up. However, the price of the vehicle is completely okay if you analyse its advantages, benefits, and other exclusive features.

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The Scooterson Rolley is now bracing up for further business expansion. It is planning to ramp up its production process and simultaneously develop its B2B division as well. The company wants to sell the e-bike both as end-use consumer products and also as shared scooters for operators.

The company sources claimed that they are taking the advantage of crowd investing, which is gaining a stronghold in the electric mobility segment.

The company is taking a small amount of money from the general public and re-invests the same in its business operations.


If you want thrill, speed, and look, the Scooterson Rolley will surely live up to your expectations. The consumers who prioritise look and style should go for this e-bike. It is full of all essential features that make it a number one model for general consumers.

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Moreover, the combination of a fat tyre and low seated position makes it one of the most useful e-bikes for the youth who want a comfy ride without compromising on style and safety.

The price is around 3000-USD, but if you consider all its safety features, then the price is worth paying for. If you have money and the desire to ride a bike in style with onlookers keep gazing at your new stylish e-bike, then Scooterson Rolley is your perfect choice.

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