Research has shown that certain employees do not feel motivated to do their assigned tasks at times not because of laziness or negligence but as a result of deficient knowledge concerning the scope of their work. They do not understand the direction they should take, hence they become befuddled with a myriad of problems. The place of information and effective learning in increasing the quality of one’s workforce can’t be overemphasized, seeing that what distinguishes excellent establishments from mediocre ones lies in the quality of knowledge being passed across. Companies that have made it a point of duty to see to the learning & development of their personnel would reap its dividends. How then do companies educate their employees?

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Forms of Training

It should be noted that there are different kinds of training aimed at different learning objectives and goals. Product training exists to update the employees on the emergence of new products, their specifications, uses, and the marketing strategy that would be used to generate returns on investment. Induction information also aims at introducing new employees to the ethics and modus operandi of the organization. In this training, they are familiarized with the organizational workflow.

Corporate training can be carried out through a variety of awesome options each having its advantages and disadvantages. However, the good thing is the availability of several options to satisfy the unique needs of your organization and establishment.

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Here are the new technologies which could be exploited for efficient corporate training:

Learning Platforms

These are the Numero Uno in the world of corporate learning. Online learning platforms help you to host your content and also deliver them to your workers in such a way that would facilitate development and growth. There are different types of platforms, hence you should consider the benefit of the variety of options you are presented with before settling with a particular type of learning platform. We have Microlearning platforms, hosted course platforms, and Learning management systems which are the most popularized version of learning platforms as a result of frequent usage. A learning platform is where employees come to learn, assess the knowledge and also collaborate for synergy.

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With a learning platform like iSpring Learn, the entire process of training and assessment is automated in a bid to make the process seamless for your corporate learners. Also, all your learning materials are packaged into a structured learning path for your employees. Platforms such as iSpring Learn helps you create quizzes and videos that would engage the mind of your learners and prevent redundancy since they are armed with knowledge instrumental to their work process.

Web Conferencing

Who says geographical barriers should be a threat to learning? Not with video conferencing tools and apps. This option of training is particularly useful in cases of an organization that has several autonomous branches or extensions. Employees can sign in to web conferencing software like Zoom to gather relevant knowledge concerning their work.

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This option is also useful in cases where you want a live audience to benefit from the content being shared. It reinforces the idea that every establishment aims to maximize profit and minimize losses. This option is cost-effective as it prevents the attendant cost that comes with using physical spaces for seminars and the cost of setting up communication equipment ranging from microphones to projectors and a feedback system.

Web conferencing software tools have features that make the dissemination of information seamless. Most web conferencing software has special features to share screens and comment as the lecture progresses. A good example is Zoom and Google meet.

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Knowledge Repositories

Knowledge repositories can be likened to information banks or libraries as they are a dynamic storage place for information and relevant resources. A knowledge repository is synonymous with a military arsenal that your workers can make reference to in times of need. However, it is best advised to use a knowledge repository in addition to an employee training toolkit for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Knowledge repositories are always included in other software platforms as a discrete module for instance in Learning Management systems (LMS) and Customer Management Systems (CMS).

Zendesk and Freshdesk are two popular examples of knowledge repositories.

Content Creation Tools

You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you plan to create your course content from scratch without the use of an authoring tool that would automate the entire process. Course creation tools or content authoring tools like iSpring Suite will enable you to create interactive, immersive, and engaging content without breaking a sweat as a result of its user-friendly features.

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You can create amazing images, videos, texts, and infographics to widen the horizons of your employees’ knowledge while still maintaining interactivity. Learning doesn’t have to be torture right?

Graphic Design

This is mainly aesthetic. Images tell a story that we often never forget as a result of the impression that they leave in our minds. Using static screenshots and screen interaction sequences is always a useful feature when creating an efficient system of learning for your employees. It can also serve as an effective guide to judiciously using online tools and resources provided by the training structure.

Videos And Audio

 Why do you think the human mind readily remembers events and experiences but forget boring texts? The answer to this question posed is engagement. Authoring tool companies like iSpring Suite have realized that videos are the heart of 21st- century learning. iSpring Suite has features that enable you to record your video while using the software. You can create step-by-step video tutorials, webcams, and screencasts to ensure the individual development of your workers.

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Wrapping Up

Technology is redefining the scope and dimension of corporate learning through groundbreaking tools like iSpring Suites. Companies have realized that training the entirety of their workforce signals a lot of growth, development, innovation, and premium workplace professional ethics. Investing in your workforce is never a bad decision as the rewards are enjoyed by all personnel of the organization.

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