The landscape of the world is continuing to change, which is no surprise given the continued evolution of technology and more and more innovative technologies becoming more accessible with each year that seems to pass.

Indeed, one of the biggest changes that many will have experienced over the last 15 years or so will have been the introduction and rise of social media, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have all changed the way that people interact with each other.

As a result of these social media networks, there has also been a change to the gambling industry as well, with the rise of social casinos continuing to pop up and become popular options compared to the established physical casinos.

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What is a social casino?

A simple definition of a social casino is one that can be accessed by an app or a website that can be played with friends at the same time. A number of classic casino games are typically available to play, such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slot games, and these can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet device, as well as a PC/laptop via a web browser. This type of casino is very similar to sweepstake casinos in how they are played by bettors, according to

Indeed, social network platforms such as Facebook have made this possible with the games that are available to play on their site, whilst many of the games that can be played are generally free of charge. This means punters who play them will simply be playing for fun and not risking any money on the games being played; although they will not win any, either.

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In-app or in-game purchases can be made, but many who play social casino games will likely keep it to the free-play version and simply enjoy a casino game with friends.

Benefits of playing at a social casino compared to an online casino

As already alluded to, there are a number of different reasons as to why some will prefer to play at a social casino and not at an online or physical casino, with the word ‘Social’ being incredibly important.

Playing with friends is possible when using a social casino, thus allowing players to be able to communicate with each other and enjoy the game that is being played. Further elements include that there is no real money being wagered, thus making it more enjoyable, whilst it also may allow others to join in who either do not have the money to bet or gambling is against their views/beliefs/morals etc.

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Social casinos are the future

There has already been an acceptance within the iGaming industry that social casinos will be a key part of the future of electronic gaming and one that can be potentially huge for the sector. However, they could potentially work in tandem with online and physical casinos in the future, as well.

Players who play social games may find that they enjoy a particular game, or find that they are rather skilled at it, which could then see them look to try and visit a ‘proper’ casino and wager real money with their games, whilst others may look to use a social version to improve their skills before going on to try their hand at winning lucrative prizes in the future.

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