Working with gases is never an easy task, especially when the working conditions are those of an industry or laboratory. In these circumstances, the slightest mistake or the wrong equipment can be enough to create major problems. Swissgas is well aware of this issue, and for over thirty years has been providing its customers with lab gas generators that can totally solve some urgent and relevant challenges. Indeed, generators are not the only option available on the market in order to be able to work with certain molecules, such as hydrogen and nitrogen, but there are certainly numerous advantages to opting for in-house production.

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The three main benefits are, in concrete terms, safety, saving money and adopting an environmentally friendly policy. There is also a fourth one, which is no less important: time saving. Installing a generator saves the long delays of the trucks that have to transport the cylinders and the experts who have to come and change them. In other words, the generator is truly an essential and revolutionary tool. In this article we are going to discuss the main existing types, taking the Swissgas catalogue as inspiration, as it is particularly complete and detailed.

Why does swissgas invest in generators?

The prestigious Swissgas product line is called “Premium”, and includes a series of generators, which will be listed below, applicable to different needs, such as analytical, laser, business and industrial. The design of the generators focuses on the energy consumption process, as one of the company’s goals is to be green, and also on facilitating maintenance and assistance through two-way remote control.  This second aspect is aimed at providing the customer with a type of gas production that is solely determined by the will of the company and the laboratory, and not by external needs such as time and money.

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Hydrogen generator

The first type of generator we are going to present is the hydrogen generator. It is very curious to think that hydrogen is actually available in large quantities, but unfortunately it does not exist in nature in its gaseous form on planet earth, so its production is still a problem to be dealt with. With the generator, companies will be able to produce the gas whenever they need it, using a single instrument that will take care of the division of the hydrogen and carbon molecules. The sectors in which the hydrogen generator is mainly used are the chemical industry, chromatography, in the food industry and also in the transport sector.

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Nitrogen generator

Nitrogen can play a very important role in some contexts, as its special properties make it particularly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. For this reason, it is widely used in industry and laboratories, which are known to be potentially dangerous places. The major function of the hydrogen generator is to very carefully separate nitrogen molecules from oxygen molecules. The reason is that oxygen, on the contrary, is highly reactive, so the separation is extremely important here. The main environments in which the nitrogen generator is used nowadays are industry, the electronics field, pharmaceuticals and laboratories.

Zero air generator

A third important generating device on the international market that you can easily find on the official Swissgas website is the zero air generator. What this device is able to do is to reprocess the air to such a high standard that the air produced is extremely pure. In other words, it takes care of minimising hydrocarbon contamination and even removing it completely. Again, as with the previous ones, there is no need to change a cylinder and recalibrate it, but rather this system can totally replace this old concept and avoid the whole replacement procedure. It takes up very little space in the laboratory and, again, allows costs to be dramatically reduced.

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Where do generators get created?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question depends very much on the company to which you refer. In the specific case of Swissgas, both production and design are entrusted to the most experienced specialists. In particular, the creation of the generators is divided between two countries: Italy and Switzerland. The main idea is to combine the innate precision of the Swiss with the creativity and design knowledge of the Italians. It doesn’t really matter where they come from, the important thing is that the result is of the highest quality. The exact cities we are referring to are Versoix and Torriglia, which are respectively responsible for design and manufacture.

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What sets swissgas apart from the competition?

The innovation of this company compared to others is the 100% in-house plant design, from layout to electro chemical and pneumatic components. Everything is created entirely in its own facilities. This aspect, which is unique in the field, guarantees full control over the product and allows the development with exclusive and dedicated functionalities that embrace the latest technologies. Technical support can also be considered as another of their strengths, including remote support, which is truly rare to find on the market.

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