New State Mobile not too long ago launched its March replacement for Android and iOS that introduces the McLaren 765LT supercar to the sport. This replacement additionally launches a brand new location to the Erangel 2051 map. To have fun with this alteration, Krafton launches New State Mobile the Play Erangel 2051 occasion. The ‘Play Erangel 2051’ event is underway today to bring players a bunch of cool rewards.

The event adds two limited-time challenges to the game with special entrance criteria. Eligible New State Mobile players can participate in both of the challenges to earn various rewards. The winners will be based on the points earned by the end of the event.

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Krafton shares the details regarding New State Mobile’s Play Erangel 2051 event on their official website. The event will be live from March 24th to March 30th, 2022. During the event, 500 players will be selected randomly from those who play Erangel 2051 4 times a day for more than 3 days during the event period. The winners will be based on the points earned by the end of the event.

Rewards include 50 PASS Tokens, 200% BP Erangel Cards, and 3 BP Random Box (M). This isn’t the only challenge that is going to be live during the nearly week-long event as Challenge 2 will provide even more rewards to select players.

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New State Mobile Erangel 2051 Challenge 1 details

New State Mobile will choose 500 players at random who were able to play Erangel 2051 four times a day for more than 3 days during the event. As a reward, players can earn 50 Pass Tokens, two Erangel 200 percent BP Card, and three BP Random Boxes.

Erangel 2051 Challenge 2 details

Krafton will select 400 random players who were able to win Chicken Dinner in Erangel 2051 more than five times during the event period. They could earn 100 Pass Tokens, a Chicken Medal Bonus Card (+2), and two Royal Chest Tickets.

Krafton will decide on the winners based on the players’ stats at the end of the New State Mobile Play Erangel 2051 event. The rewards will be sent through in-game email starting from April 7 at 2:30 pm IST / 9:00 am UTC. Players should note that they might get disqualified if Krafton notices irregular in-game behavior like intentional defeat.

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The March update includes plenty of new content in New State Mobile, including a new LMG – the MG3. Weapon details:

  • The MG3 is an LMG that uses 7.62mm ammo and has a magazine capacity of 75 rounds.
  • This gun will spawn in Care Packages in all Maps. It also has a chance of appearing in the Weapons Box, which is located in the Police Station in Chester, Troi.
  • The MG3 has two rates of fire: 660RPM and 990RPM. The weapon’s rate of fire is set at 990RPM by default.
  • When the MG3’s rate of fire is set to 990RPM, the weapon deals the most DPS out of any weapons in the game.
  • Thanks for
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