In a growing business the most important aspect other than the offering of quality product is the after sales service. It is the after sales service that becomes the face of any brand in the market. Although the product quality is also an important factor but the thing with products is that they are bound to face some issue or other while in use and when that happens the customers tend to turn towards the support services of the company. An ideal support service staff is the one which provides solution to problems and resolves queries in less time. Now, having these abilities is not a cakewalk, as the issues that are raised might be the ones which belong to different genres like technical, product composition etc. and it is not possible for someone from non tech background to answer or resolve technical issues or concerns. In order to make the support services function more efficiently knowledge management tools are brought in use. These tools offer a wide range of facilities to the users or to say the support services which eases their work up to a large extent and optimizes the whole process in terms of pace and quality.

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Advantages of these tools:

  • Self service adaptive: These tools have the special ability to make the whole process more of customer driven and in quest of doing that the interface is inclined towards making the consumers to be dependent on themselves for the resolving of trivial queries such as minor technical snags, packaging issues. Also the creation of FAQs have also impacted a lot, since the customers can read the most commonly encountered problems and their solution and do it themselves.
  • Quicker resolutions: With the employment of these tools the pace of resolution of queries increases leaps and bounds. The faster resolution of queries creates a positive image of the brand and its after sales or customer support services in the minds of the customers. Generation of fewer tickets is an additional advantage that comes with it. Since the queries are resolved more fastly so the tickets don’t pile up and create a mess.
  • Structured and systematic content: Content that is set on the website is neatly arranged and this is not only limited to the support or help sections of the product websites. An optimized interface creates a good appearance and appositive image of the brand in the minds of the new or potential customers. As a result of which more and more customers are attracted towards the website. This in turn increases the revenue or profits in the books of the concerned brand. A website with structured content reflects the efficiency and foresightedness of the brand.
  • Easy way-finding: Since the website is arranged in a proper manner and every service or action has got its own section on the website so the turnaround website or a mini tour becomes highly convenient. This makes it easy to find any particular service or perform an action.
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Features of these knowledge tools:

  • Knowledge base: This provides a platform for the customer support services personals to keep a track of the things that are necessary and integral for improvement in the user experience of the customers. This improves the user experience and enhances support services by far. It keeps track of the latest search phrases and modifies it services according to those statistics to serve much better.
  • Self service enhancement: One great feature of these platforms is that they make their customers cable f serving themselves in something not so important, this way the technical knowledge of the customers too increase in the regard of the product. Additionally creation of FAQs has also provided enough progress in this sector.
  • Contact centre supportive: The vast employment of these tools in the areas of support services and especially by the support agents creates a whole atmosphere of quicker resolutions and efficient servicing of the customers, this also does not let the query tickets accumulate.
  • Multilanguage: Ever since the globalization of trade, it has become necessary for the people to be proficient in the language of the country whose people are they dealing with. But at the same time it is not feasible to learn 100s of languages, so these tools have multiple languages installed in them which make the deals happen seamlessly and efficiently.
  • One platform: The benefit associated with one platform is that the extra time hat is engaged  in switching websites or applications is quite significantly saved. In the world of today where everyone in business has a crunch of time, this feature can prove to be a boon for them.
  • Enhanced findability: The structured sand systemized website that is created with these tools also enhances the ability of people to find their required items or sections in a very short period of time. This too saves the time of the people engaged in the similar activities.
  • Presence of chatbot: This is quite an amazing feature from the amusement and productivity point of view for the users. Users can interact with the chatbots instead of the manual support services to get their queries and problems resolved.
  • Analytics: Yet another important feature for the business owners is the record of analysts, since this is the one which gives them the statistics about the usage and productiveness of their content or product, this opens up the scope of finding the concerned section where improvement is needed the most.
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Retrospection of the facts and details surrounding the mentioned tools fetches a number of unique insights to the table. The advantages associated, the uses, industrial relevance etc. are seen and understood. The greatest achievement of this tool can be considered its vast usage and employability in the customer support services field. Call centres and BPO type of organizations are the ones who usually make great use of this type of software or tools. Additionally we also saw the features that these tools have to offer to the new customers.

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