• Apple’s recently rolled out the latest iPhone OS update – the iOS 15.4.
  • Some users claim that their battery has drained by 5% in just 12 minutes.
  • Although a smaller number of people are facing the issue, it seems to have a serious impact on devices.

Apple launched the iOS 15.4 public built recently. While the update contains a lot of new features for iPhone users, including the ability to use Face ID with a mask, users are facing battery drain issues post the update. Although a smaller number of people are facing the issue, it seems to have a serious impact on devices.

After updating their iPhones to the latest iOS 15.4, a lot of users are complaining about a significant decrease in battery life. A user who goes by the name @odedia writes on Twitter that his iPhone 13 Pro Max is not lasting even for a day after updating to the iOS 15.4. Another user @lamaks_3 writes that the iPhone 11 is using up to 80% of the battery with a screen-on time of fewer than two hours. The Twitter user @IronicBadger says that his Apple device is not lasting half of what it was last week.

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The iOS 15.4 is the fourth big update to iOS 15, which was released in September alongside the iPhone 13. These updates, which began with the December release of iOS 15.1, have added new features to iPhone’s operating system and also upgraded the existing ones. iOS 15.4 follows iOS 15.3.1, which was launched last month to address a security flaw in iPhones and iPads.

Tips to Fix Battery Drain Issue

Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh has long been a huge power-hungry feature, which demands smart management. Else, it can alone eat into a lion’s share of the battery. Therefore, you should manage it efficiently on your iPhone and iPad. Head over to the Settings app on your device and navigate to General -> Background App Refresh -> Background App Refresh.

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Now, you can either choose to Turn Off the feature completely, which I advise against, or turn off background refresh for apps selectively. You need to turn off the toggle for Spotify in iOS 15 to fix the battery drain issue.

Turn Off Auto-App Updates and Downloads

The auto-app updates feature makes it more convenient to keep apps up-to-date on your device. However, you should disable it, especially when your device is facing battery drain issues. Likewise, it would be better to turn off auto app downloads since it could be making the battery drain problem worse.

Update Apps to Fix iOS 15 Battery Drain

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Outdated apps are equally responsible for the battery drain problems. So, the sooner you update all apps, the better it is for your iPhone’s battery health.

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