Do you remember the times when all the resources students had were pen, paper, and books from the library? They couldn’t even type “write my college paper” in the search bar, can you believe it? Probably not… But those who remember might as well envy you, for now, your choice is so much wider than theirs had been.

With all the technology at hand, you can save time and achieve better results while not even getting out of your room. But then, there’s another problem. There’s such an abundance of resources that it’s difficult to choose the best ones. 

That’s why we’re here to help you. Read our list of 5 resources and tools that are guaranteed to make studying easier and choose those that best suit your needs! 

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1.  Quizlet

This site (also available as a mobile app) utilizes the good old idea of using flashcards to memorize all kinds of information. It’s popular among language teachers as a means of training vocabulary, but it’s also perfect for anything that requires memorizing.

What’s good about Quizlet is its multi-stage approach. This is how it works: you enter the information that you need to memorize, and Quizlet automatically creates your study tools that include:

  • flashcards;
  • quizzes;
  • tests;
  • matching games;
  • auditory tools.

You can use Quizlet both as a desktop version and as a mobile app, online or offline (app), absolutely free.

2.  GoConqr

This social learning platform has a lot of useful features for students of all levels as well as for teachers. It provides tools that allow the community members to create and share learning content, plan and track your research, and ask for support from the community. 

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However, it’s mostly popular thanks to the mind maps you can create, find, and share within the community. Among its other features are flashcards, quizzes, study plans, and more. An added plus: GoConqr is a free platform with a simple signup procedure.

3.  Grammarly

Writing assignments are an essential part of any study process, and Grammarly is an essential tool for making your writing better. It’s perfect for checking your essays for typos and spelling errors, but it can do more than that. Grammarly can also fix most of your grammar and punctuation errors – all that without any fees.

There’s also a premium version with advanced recommendations on writing style, word choice, tone of voice, etc., but even the free version is sufficient for any student’s needs. Plus it’s also available as a Chrome extension that’s compatible with Google Docs.

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4.  Cite This For Me

Citing sources properly in your academic papers is a very tiresome and time-consuming task. It adds nothing to your knowledge but has to be done accurately in order for you to get a high mark. Luckily, there’s a free and easy-to-use app that can do most of the boring work for you.

There are a lot of online citation management tools out there, but Cite This For Me (previously known as RefMe) has been one of the most popular ones among students for years.


If you need a more reliable source of information for your research than Wikipedia, then is a place to go. This site, run by EBSCO Information Services, is a huge recourse hub that contains loads of data on practically any subject.

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Unlike Wikipedia, it stores credible sources that you can cite in your academic papers in most cases – magazines, scholarly and academic articles, ebooks. The database is really vast, so you can search through subject-specific repositories and not the whole base if you choose to.

More Ideas

Listed above are some of the most popular and effective resources that can help any student with their studies. However, every student has his or her unique needs. If you need more help with your essays, check more writing and research tools, and if maths is your pain – go for apps like Wolfram Alpha or YouTube tutorials.

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There are also plenty of resources that are not related directly to studies but can significantly facilitate any student’s life – task planners, time trackers, budget planners, and more. Don’t forget to check them, too!

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