Sales enablement tools have seemingly taken over the sales part of the business. Many business employees have taken up the use of these is due to two distinct reasons out of many;

  • Such tools are extremely easy to use,
  • Most of them are device-friendly.

These features allow their users to access and work from anywhere and at any time. Hence, this allows for only the most productive work of an employee to be provided. Simply put, the use of sales enablement tools provides the salesforce with adequate resources, which enables them to get more leads. And when a business gets more leads, the chances of converting them into customers increases. And all this has a positive impact on the company’s ROI.

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Understanding the background

While lots and lots of changes have happened in the last two years. The general trend towards the global pandemic was the idea that money had become tight. While this is the correct scene on one side of the picture, let’s take a look at the other side.

Alternatively, since people are/were forced to stay home, it leads to a longer free time. It gave a boost to all the online trends. This is why it was astounding when research showed that there was a whopping rise in global equity trade. That was almost about 50-55%.

Introduction of sales enablement and its tools

 Investors are jumping the wagon of face-to-face interactions and exploring the virtual aspects of all technological tools ever since the hitting of the pandemic. Amidst all this, the golden age of the sales department rose. The sales department is the most chaotic department of all. This is due to the numerous things that are going on which a seller has to complete before even approaching a potential buyer. This is not all, almost 40% of a seller’s time is wasted in compiling the things they need to hold a conversation. All of these problems took a drastic fall in number as the use of Sales enablement tools became more widespread.

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These tools are the answer to every problem ever contacted by a seller. They allow for quick updating and organization. They also have the options for customization and automation. The use of a Content Camel, which is one of the best sales enablement tools, allows for relevant data to be produced which allows a higher rate of customer acquisition.  These small tweaks and changes lead to major profit turnover rates.

How to measure that your sales enablement and its tools are working correctly

Listed below are a few things that you as a seller or head-of-sales need to measure so that you can make correct changes like increasing investment and resources and reducing them.

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1.         Number of deals confirmed

Keeping track of how many deals you had in a day is a great way of analyzing what is attracting your customer and what is driving them away.  This allows you to correctly utilize your resources and apply them where they will achieve the greatest turnover rates.

2.         Competitors competition

Keep a lookout for your competition and measure their strategy against yours. This allows you to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors and can analyze any win/win or win/loss situations.

3.         Tailoring content

Every customer has a different idea as to what it wants, the sales enablement tools analyses this. The data provided allows the sales team to trim and tailor the content as per the customer’s wants and needs. This small change has a large influence on the number of customers acquired and retained.

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Moving Forward

While going with the latest trend is what people generally do, it is also crucially important to understand what you are investing in. So, before using sales enablement tools, you must know everything about them. Only then, you will be able to obtain their benefits. Also, know that there are different types of sales enablement tools, and not all of them are suitable for your business. Hence, you must choose the right after thorough deliberation and research, and then make an informed decision vis-a-vis the selection of the best sales enablement tool.

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