Epic Games, developer of the widely popular game Fortnite, has built a mobile app that can turn photos into 3D scans. This move follows Epic’s acquisition of photogrammetry firm Capturing Reality earlier last year. RealityScan is a new mobile application that converts real-world things into 3D models that can be utilized in games and other virtual experiences.

Epic Games acquired and integrated Capturing Reality into its Unreal Engine ecosystem just last month. Capturing Reality’s software helps to reconstruct objects and scenes of any size from images or laser scans producing 3D scans “with unparalleled accuracy and mesh quality at speeds many times faster than competing software.” Meanwhile, Quixel makes Megascans a unique 3D asset library and its two companion applications Bridge and Mixer for 3D art creation.

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To develop the app, Epic Games used the talent pool from Capturing Reality, Quixel, and Sketchfab – companies that it has acquired over time. The efforts also include talent from Unreal Engine, the Epic-owned gaming engine that powers a wide range of games across the world. While it seems like a fun idea to simply scan real-world objects and import them into the virtual world, as an end-user, Epic has a far more important purpose behind developing RealityScan.

This app, once finished, will allow developers and game creators to drastically reduce the time it takes to manually create in-game content since they can simply scan an object in the real world and import it into their projects, and only have to further optimize them if needed. The RealityScan app is currently only available on a first-come-first-serve basis to iOS users via Apple’s TestFlight platform. Since this is a limited beta, you might want to reserve your spot if you are interested in trying the app out.

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How did Reality Scan work?

Since Reality Scan uses the advanced RealityCapture software, it can easily take photo data from your device and turn them into virtual displays. When you open a Reality Scan app account, around 20 images will be provided. You can check them by holding down the capture button. This will allow you to move around the object. On the other hand, you can also use the app to scan game characters. But, this is only applicable to those games that offer a 3D view.

If the title is only in 2D, then the new Epic Games app will not work. Aside from iOS users, game developers will also greatly benefit from the new app. This will allow them to save time when it comes to creating 3D renders of simple in-game content, such as chairs, cars, and other objects. As of the moment, only a limited number of iOS users can use the app. But, the game developer said that it would soon expand to more iPhone owners.

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