Brands, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs are tasked with delivering personalized customer experiences and exceeding ROI numbers on every project.

Data enrichment is an up-and-coming business tool that can take care of both fronts. DeBounce has launched a new data enrichment tool that’s sure to take engagement to unprecedented levels.

How Does Data Enrichment Work?

Data enrichment and raw data go hand in hand. A person’s phone number or email address are examples of raw data.

Enriching existing data is done by merging it with a larger database that has similar data points, which leads to new information and improved accuracy and value.

Most of the time data enrichment can be found in existing CRMs. However, there’s a lack of insight from second and third party data providers, something that can prove to be invaluable in crafting a marketing strategy.

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Data enrichment can be applied to demographic and geographic data. Demographic data can pertain to a person’s credit score, the car they drive, income, marital status, age and so on, while geographic data usually pertains to a person’s postal address, phone number, zip code and others.

DeBounce Data Enrichment Tool is Just the Beginning

DeBounce’s announcement of a new enrichment tool has sent shock waves throughout the business industry.

Data enrichment is one of the most important steps in getting customer insight. Without it, businesses will be left wondering what the customer wants and the resulting marketing campaign is sure to fail.

The newly-launched data enrichment tool maximizes audience engagement by rounding out contact information to a company’s existing record using reverse email lookup. For instance, a business may already have a list of email addresses but they need to acquire the corresponding name. DeBounce’s tool can therefore work and match a name to an email address on up to 50% of the list. The platform uses both public and private sources that are constantly verified for accuracy.

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The tool uses data in real time, which means the information obtained is always relevant and fresh. Businesses can choose to get data enrichment through restless API or list upload.

Data enrichment will prove to be beneficial for companies that are transitioning business models, changing or targeting a new market and those who wish to improve their audience targeting.

DeBounce will keep companies’ lead lists accurate, correctly assess potential customers and partners and keep an eye on the competition. It’s a cost-effective tool that save businesses time and resources spent on manual enrichment, error correction and research.

The new data enrichment tool is now available for those who need a data appending and enrichment platform that meets demand and quality needs. DeBounce is offering it as a service and a tool for marketing success.

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About DeBounce

DeBounce is an innovative company that offers extensive data processing services to make data more valuable and accurate. Through many partnerships with leading brands and companies, DeBounce has updated, completed, corrected, reformatted and converted missing business and consumer data.

The company’s mission is to provide high quality and consistent service with fast turnaround times on all projects.

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