Virginia is one of the most beautiful states in the country, offering scenic glimpses into not only city living but also endless forests and nature.  If you’re eager to get away and want to live somewhere full of beauty and relaxation, these are the top cities to consider in Virginia.


Sometimes your idea of peace and beauty is different from others!  For anyone who adores fishing and hunting and wants to see the most varied types of wildlife out there, you’ll fall in love with Middleburg.  Although its name may give off the appearance of a city that’s nothing special, this is one of the best places you could ever move for beautiful views and relaxing living.

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This city dates back almost three hundred years and even has a cozy market where you can hit up shops and unique galleries that can’t be found anywhere else.  Although some areas are wealthier than others, everyone who lives here gets to enjoy the endless beauty and nature that comes with this city.

Virginia Beach

Sometimes the best part of living in a gorgeous area is knowing that it’s going to be beautiful to look at year-round.  Even when it’s too chilly to go swimming in the ocean, Virginia Beach is still attractive enough that you’ll want to stroll on the sand.

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Houses for rent in Virginia Beach are more expensive than other options on this list, but they’re still fantastic for anyone who wants to get away and enjoy a city that’s beautiful year-round.  The price is worth the paradise that comes with it.


Although it was named after another city, Lexington is one of a kind.  Home to Washington and Lee University, and home to countless historical sites and monuments, this is the place to go for anyone who wants to feel deeply entrenched in what built this country into what it is.


This city has countless museums, art galleries, and stops that will keep your mind and body in motion for as long as you want to explore!

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Famous because of the book named after it, this amazing area is one of the few cities that can state it’s home to wild ponies!  Although it doesn’t have a ton of city sites and exciting industries, this fishing town is a dream come true for anyone who wants some peace and quiet after getting burned out from the corporate marathon many of us have to run.


This is one of the quietest places in the state and gives you a chance to really feel like you’re off the grid while still making great community ties.  Although there are large retirement communities here, don’t let that scare you away from moving here if you’re younger: it’s an incredible place to call home.

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Virginia is the Most Relaxing Place to Live!

It’s easy to fall in love with Virginia: the difficult part is deciding where to live after you’ve figured out that this state is where you want to live.  Consider one of these cities, and don’t be afraid to follow your heart!

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