So, you are motivated to achieve your fitness goal at the earliest. Hence, you have agreed to spend your hard-earned money on a personal trainer who calls himself an expert. You believe that only an expert can help you keep motivated and push you to achieve your goal in the defined timeline. 

You can easily find reputed personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi but are you really on the right path or just being tricked into believing so? Here are a few red flags you need to keep an eye for in your personal trainer.

1. You Are Stuck in the Treadmill for 20 Minutes:

Your trainer can suggest you do specific cardio workouts, but that cannot become part of the session. Cardio workout does not need any guidance and actually eats up a lot of time. Hence, they should not be done during the session. We should spend the session time on strength training, mainly to build muscles and increase metabolism.

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2. They Teach You Techniques That You Can Observe Others and Learn:

You pay the trainer hefty fees, not for learning the same routine the floor trainer teaches the other gym-goers. When you are an expert, you want to learn new workout routines that are beneficial, particularly for you. You may wish to focus on strengthening a particular muscle group which can be done with the help of the trainer’s expertise.

3. They Push You to Book More Sessions:

If you have not been successful in achieving your goals and your trainer is trying to convince you that it is because you need more sessions with them, just take a break from the sessions for some time. If the trainer had promised earlier that these sessions would be enough, you seriously need to re-evaluate if they are the right fit for you.

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4. They Push you Even When You Feel Your Medical Condition Does Not Allow It:

If you suffer from knee pain and your trainer constantly asks you to do squats, burpees, and jumping jacks, you should immediately say no. Anyone suffering from a knee condition should avoid any workout that puts pressure on the knee. If the trainer insists, that means they are only looking to achieve your weight loss goal without actually focusing on your overall well-being. Hence, just do not train with the same trainer and find a better one.

5. They Have Some Knowledge About Nutrition:

Many trainers suggest that their clients eat more protein and zero carbohydrates food to fit quicker. You need to pick a trainer who has enough nutrition knowledge and emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet rather than suggesting that you starve.

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The Bottom Line- Pain is not Burn:

Pain after or during sessions is something we are pushed to believe is normal. Well, muscle pain after a workout is normal in many cases due to muscle fatigue, but not all pain can be considered a burn. Your trainer should not believe that extreme pain is also burn. There is a difference between feeling burned during a workout and actually feeling pain in the body. You can understand the difference, and even if your trainer assures you it is burn, just stop. Remember, only you can understand your body the best.

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