BlueStacks just launches its ‘Creator Studio & Creator Hub’ for modding and sharing modded games in India. The new platform will allow people to modify mobile games developed on the Cocos, Unity, and Unreal engines.

BlueStacks Creator Studio & Creator Hub opens up the possibilities of user-generated content to the global mobile gaming community, where they can create and share infinite versions of mobile games.

BlueStacks mobile game modding is available free of cost within the BlueStacks X app player and here for modding on the cloud. The company states that the majority of mobile gamers will play modded games by 2025.

Bluestacks ‘Creator Studio & Creator Hub’ will be available in three modes

Modding can be done at three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Basic modding involves playing with color. For instance, one can have a dark mode for a game, akin to Instagram filters.

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Intermediate modding links to in-game events such as effects on-screen during kill or win shots. Lastly, with advanced modding, you can change 2D and 3D textures inside the game, including game elements like avatar’s clothes.

The company with its new Creator Studio & Creator Hub is aiming to cross four billion users and 4.5 million creators. It believes that mobile game modding will open new avenues forking out new games. An example of this in the PC world is the PUBG][[[p;ik was originally a mod for Arma 3.

The BlueStacks Creator Studio & Creator Hub is powered by and’s NFG platform.

Speaking over the development, Rosen Sharma, CEO and founder of BlueStacks and said making mobile game modding globally accessible opens up “endless possibilities for gamers and creators, changing how we build, share, and experience mobile gaming forever.”

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“Imagine searching for a game and finding modded versions from your favorite gamers, streamers, and fans. Making mobile game modding globally accessible opens up endless possibilities for gamers and creators, changing how we build, share, and experience mobile gaming forever,” he said.

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