Either you are an affectionate
computer-user or you are a Smartphone user, you can count on an impressively
large array of new apps to download for both kinds of devices.

The world of web apps is an ever-evolving
pool of interesting products and, what’s more, you can access every kind of app
easily and smoothly from your device. All you need is a strong connection to
the web and some free time to research among the available apps.

Be also aware that certain free-time apps
are real time-killers – keep in mind that distractions should always last for a
short while, they don’t have to take all of your time unless you want to become
a slave for an app!

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New Apps by Category

With millions of apps available it’s not
easy to know what to download. A good tip is to start by thinking about what
type of category your app would be in. Basically to think about what you need
and why. There are several smart apps that you may want to download for
business management, food shopping and a lot of other things and activities.
Let’s add that 2020 is a particularly fervent year in the production and
release of new apps. So, we bet that you are pretty curious to see what’s new
in the app industry. The following list lets you know what are the newest apps
within the most popular categories.

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apps for different purposes

Virtual phone book

If you are looking for a helpful tool to
keep your Smartphone phone book always updated and in order, you should
download “Any. Do”. This is
a mobile-designed app that allows the users to integrate their phone’s calendar
with a practical and all-in-one-place interface. It’s excellent if you have
several dozens of phone numbers and things to do via mobile.

Entertainment and betting

There is no lack of gaming apps but not everything is good and if your gaming involves money we don’t recommend signing up at apps in Google Play without carefully check reviews of the operator. The reason is that basically anyone can build an app and offer people to download it. It’s definitely a gamble and a risk you don’t want to take. When it comes to casino and sports betting apps we only recommend downloading these directly from the sites you already have an account with. These should be on sites that are licensed for gaming and have been reviewed by third parties. This applies to all countries and languages. In some places like Australia, it’s not a problem to find a reliable online sportsbook but in other countries, it may perhaps be easier to download a nonverified app but the risk is not worth it. Don’t compromise on safety when it comes to money! 

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Business management

The new app called “Microsoft To Do” helps you manage your work tasks, your meetings, employee management, and more. It’s an easy-to-use app for everyone in the business world. It allows you to create virtual agendas where you can note dates and reminders under different categories.

Life management

Certain people can’t live without someone reminding them what they have to do and when. If this is your case, take advantage of “Productive“, a smart mobile app that stores your to-do list and comes up with alerts to remind you to go out for food shopping, best fruits to eat, and much more. The good point of this app is that you can add an endless number of actions to get reminded of.

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Meeting management

If you have a pretty effort-demanding work activity and you can’t keep track of all the people whom you have to meet, “Doodle”is the perfect app for you. It lets you post a virtual calendar with meeting times, so the people who want to meet you can know the day and time you are available for a meeting. This app comes with upgrading features for a fee.

Web researches

“Pocket” is the name of a useful app that you may want to download to shorten your web research times. You can click on website icons and add them to your account on “Pocket”, so you can pick the right website in no time. Moreover, you can also browse the information stored on your mobile and save pages from there.

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More to come

There are also more apps in the lively
world of mobile and computer-based apps. The good news is that actual apps are
destined to further enhancements over time.

Every year new apps come to the virtual
universe of the web – that’s a very good aspect for passionate app-seekers, but
it might be time-demanding to find out your ideal app among hundreds of similar
apps. Occasional app users might easily give up their research because it looks
a little too much for them. After all, one of the winning points of apps is
convenience and easiness. People choose to download apps to shorten their
research times, so there’s no utility in wasting an hour to find an app!

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One segment of the large industry of
web-based apps is represented by free-time apps, which are apps designed to
help the users spend their free time better. So, if you are tired of repetitive
tasks, you need distractions like a nice game to play from time to time,
free-time apps are your key.

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