The Government of India on Monday hindered 16 YouTube channels based on getting out the bogus words. Out of the 16 YouTube channels, six were based out of Pakistan. Before this, the public authority had prohibited 22 YouTube channels recently over comparable reasons.

The most recent restriction on 16 YouTube directs was declared in an administration discharge on Monday, which said that the total viewership of this large number of channels was 68 crores. Further, the 22 YouTube channels prohibited before this month had significantly more viewership. With the most recent takedown, the quantity of YouTube channels that have been restricted for the current month is 38, with an all-out viewership of many crores. Allow us to investigate all the YouTube channels that have been restricted in India this month:

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Out of the 38 YouTube channels banned by the government, 10 are based out of Pakistan. They have been banned for spreading false news.


On Monday, a delivery from the Press Information Bureau (PIB) said that the channels from India were distributing news and recordings connected with the declaration of a skillet India lockdown because of COVID-19. The channels were likewise manufacturing claims in regards to a supposed danger to specific networks.

Concerning the channels from Pakistan, the assertion said, “YouTube diverts situated in Pakistan were found to have been utilized in an organized way to post counterfeit news about India on different subjects like the Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and India’s unfamiliar relations in the illumination of everything going on in Ukraine, and so on.

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Prior, on April 5, a PIB discharge had said that the YouTube channels were utilizing layouts and logos of specific TV news channels, including pictures of their reporters to deceive the watchers to accept that the news was true.

The latest ban on 16 YouTube channels

The latest ban on 16 YouTube channels was introduced in a govt release on Monday, which explained that the cumulative viewership of all these channels was 68 crores. Even more, the 22 YouTube channels banned before this month experienced a whole lot of additional viewership. With the most up-to-date takedown, the amount of YouTube channels that have been banned this month is 38, with a whole viewership of hundreds of crores. Enable us to get a appear on all the YouTube channels that have been banned in India during this thirty day period:

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